How to Crochet a Simple Flower

Ok, I did a less-than-adequate job of explaining how I crocheted a flower for the baby hat I knitted yesterday, so I decided to take some photos in the hopes that it's a bit more clear.

I used two different colors so the steps are easier to follow. Please keep in mind that although I crochet lefty, the steps are still the same, just reversed.

Worsted weight yarn
size G or H crochet hook

SC = single chain
HDC = half double chain
DC = double chain

Click on photos to enlarge.

Step 1:
Make a magic circle and make 10 SC stitches into it. Draw the circle in tight and slip last stitch to the first SC.

Step 2: *Chain 5, skip a stitch, slip into the next stitch. Repeat * to end of round and slip in first ch of the round. You should have a sort of mini flower right about now.

Step 3: In the first loopy area, *SC, 2HDC, DC, 2HDC, SC. Repeat * in the remaining four loopy areas.

Step 4: This is where I changed colors, but you could keep it the same color if you wish. Heck, it's your flower! You'll be working behind the petals you just created, making slip stitches into the SC stitches you made in step 1. First, slip stitch in first stitch so it stays in the back of the flower. Next, slip into the next stitch. *Chain 8, skip a stitch, slip into next stitch. Repeat * till end of round. Slip next stitch to the first SC. You should now have five more loops behind the first set of petals.

Step 5: In the first loopy area, *2SC, 2HDC, 3DC, 2HDC, 2SC. Repeat * for the next four loopy areas, thus making five more petals that are offset from the first layer of petals. Slip next stitch to the first SC.

Step 6: Cut yarn leaving a 10-inch tail and draw through the remaining loop. Weave in all ends with a darning needle.

I hope this makes more sense for you!

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