Knitted Socks -- Finally!

I've been an avid knitter for about 11 years and during those years I have diagnosed myself with SSS -- Single Sock Syndrome. I will knit one sock, usually on size seven needles because I'm lazy, and then the idea of having to start a whole new sock is too daunting. The single sock rests forever in my random drawer of lost regular socks.

Until now.

My mother-in-law gave me Peruvian hand-dyed wool yarn for Christmas and I finally decided it was sock time. I was going to free myself from SSS.

I love how it knitted up. I used a simple pattern found on Ravelry called Beginner's Socks. The instructions were crystal clear, but having knitted countless Christmas stockings it was nothing new.

I used less than one skein of Araucanía yarn, 240 yards, 100 gram weight, color 411 with size six needles.

I decided I wanted short ankle socks with tighter ribbing, so I K1, P1 for only four rounds. I was going to take a progress photo and decided my toes were in dire need of a pedicure, so I got them all painted up to match the socks, but I finished them during my appointment. They knit up faster than I thought!

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