Homemade Fire Starters

My husband and his friend just got back from fishing on the Kenai River. They caught 55 sockeye salmon! It was an overnight trip and to make their camping stay a little easier, I made them some fire starters. They said they got the fire going in a jiffy with these little guys.

Here's how to make them.

Cardboard egg carton
Dryer lint

I have to say that I'm not usually a hoarder, but I have been collecting dryer lint for a few months for this exact purpose. It weirds me out a little.

Cut up the egg carton into single-egg servings. Stuff a hefty ball of lint into one egg cup and place another egg cup on top. Wrap the corners of the egg cup around the other, in an interlocking sort of way.

Place them in a paper bag so you can use the bag as fire starter too.

Here they are in action:

Next time I might even put a dollop of petroleum jelly in each one to really get things going.

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