Tokyo Tie Bag

An acquaintance came into the store the other day with the loveliest little purse. It was a simple design and when I commented on it, she said she bought it in a little arts market in New York City, but a friend of hers had scanned a pattern for something similar.

She forwarded me the pattern and it was for a Tokyo Tie Bag. Here was my first attempt:

If you do a Google search for this, you will find several patterns that resemble the one I made. I recommend this pattern from Darling Petunia's Blog. Her pattern looks like the one I made, but the dimensions are slightly different.

Besides cutting the fabric, it only took about 30 minutes to construct. It's really worth trying.

After whipping out my first one, I decided to tweak the pattern a little. I wanted my next one to have a flat bottom, but to also have a sort of kimono look to it. I was hoping the crossover of the fabric would create a little pocket, but it turned out too floppy so I had to sew it shut. I like how it turned out decoratively, though.

I'm going to have to make a ton of these. I think for my next one I'll make the straps longer. My friend Robert suggested making large versions out of T-shirts, so I'm going to give that some thought. It also dawned on me that thrift store pillowcases could be put to good use with this pattern.

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