Cabled Gauntlets

I really wanted to make fingerless gloves to match my headband, but I didn't want to deal with the individual fingers. I found a pattern for cabled gauntlets, but I didn't like the gusset design; so I merged my favorite mitten pattern with the cabled gauntlet pattern and came up with these:

1 skein worsted weight yarn
Size 7 doublepoint needles
Darning needle
Waste Yarn

Cable round:
*K2, P2, slip 3 to cable needle and hold in back, K3, K3 from cable needles, P2, K1*

Cast on 36 stitches and divide them evenly on three needles (12 on each).
Knit 5 rows in seed st.
Rounds 1-6: *K1, P2, K6, P2, K1* repeat ** around (non-cable pattern)
Round 7: cable round

Repeat rounds 1-7 five times, or until glove is the right length for you

Repeat rounds 1-4 one more time

Part 2, the gusset:

Round 1: K1, P2, K3, make 1, K1, make 1, knit the rest of the round, continuing the cable pattern. Rearrange stitches so the M1, K1, M1 is at the end of a double point, not the middle.
Round 2 and all even rounds: K cable pattern
Round 3: M1, K3, M1, knit till end of round with cable pattern
Round 5: M1, K5, M1, knit till end of round with cable pattern
Continue in this method, making new stitches every other round, till you've reached
Round 11: M1, K11, M1 and knit till end of round with cable pattern. You may need to add another doublepoint.
*The non-gusset stitches pattern would look like this:
K 2 rounds in non-cable pattern
K round 7
K rnds. 1-7*
When the gusset is the right number of stitches, Knit 4 rows of non-cable pattern. The gusset should be knit in stockinette stitch.
Put the 13 gusset stitches on waste yarn
Cast on 1 stitch and K5 rows in non-cable pattern
Seed stitch 6 rows and cast off.

Transfer gusset stitches to three doublepoints. Pick up 2 stitches where the crotch of the thumb will be. You can pick up more than two if it will make fewer holes, just be sure to knit them together on the first round.
Knit 2 rounds
Seed stitch 2 rounds
Cast off

Weave in ends


  1. Hello, is 'M' for middle needle?Is this possible using circular needles? Knitting novice.

    1. Hi there. "M" stands for "Make 1 stitch." This is where you take your right-hand needle, place it in between the stitches from front to back, wrap the yarn around and draw it through, thus increasing the work by one stitch.

      The diameter of the glove is too small to be comfortably knitted on normal circular needles, unless you have a very short circular, which is hard to come by in normal big box craft stores.

      If you are a novice I suggest giving double pointed needles a try as they are used in most patterns worked in the round.

      Otherwise, there are techniques such as Magic Loop knitting and knitting with two circular needles, but if you are new to knitting these might be difficult to tackle.

      Best thing to do is look up on YouTube the knitting techniques you aren't familiar with so you can see how they are done instead of reading how they are done.

      Best of luck and thanks for commenting.



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